unconstitutionality of Section 306 of

the Indian Penal Code
D.3 The approach in Aruna Shanbaug qua 30
Passive Euthanasia vis-à-vis India
D.4 The Reference 42
E. Our analysis of Gian Kaur 45
F. Our analysis of Aruna Shanbaug qua 51
G. The Distinction between Active and Passive 52
H. Euthanasia : International Position 58
H.1 U.K. Decisions: 58
H.1.1 Airedale Case 58
H.1.2 Later Cases 79

H.2 The Legal position in the United 89
H.3 Australian Jurisdiction 96
H.4 Legal position in Canada 99
H.5 Other Jurisdictions 104

H.6 International considerations and 107
decisions of the European Court of
Human Rights (ECHR)
I The 241st Report of The Law Commission of 114
India on Passive Euthanasia
J. Right to refuse treatment 120

K. Passive Euthanasia in the context of Article 126
21 of the Constitution.
Source: SC Verdicts

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