Bombay High Court
Vinay Mehta vs The State Of Maharashtra And Anr on 11 October, 2019
Bench: Ranjit More
905-WP4883-19.DOC Santosh IN THE HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT BOMBAY CRIMINAL APPELLATE JURISDICTION WRIT PETITION NO. 4883 OF 2019Mr. Vinay Mehta …Applicant VersusState of Maharashtra and anr. …Respondents
Mr. Aditya Mehta, i/b S. G. Pawar, for the Applicant.Ms. Rebecca Gonsalvez, for Respondent no.2.Mr. S. R. Shinde, APP for the State/Respondent no.1.
1. Heard learned counsel and learned APP appearing for therespective parties.
2. The petition is fled seeking direction to respondent No.2-CBI to remove the name of the petitioner from Look-outCircular issued by respondent No.2.
3. Learned counsel for the petitioner submitted that 3 FIRsin total are fled against the petitioner. Out of these 3 FIRs,charge-sheet is fled in one FIR. However, the petitioner is notnamed as accused in the same. So far as the remaining 2 FIRsare concerned, investigation is going on.
4. Learned counsel for the petitioner submitted that thepetitioner wants to travel to Dammam, Saudi Arabia betweenthe period from 12th October, 2019 and 18th October, 2019 forbusiness purpose. He submitted that earlier the petitioner was 1/2 ::: Uploaded on – 11/10/2019 ::: Downloaded on – 12/10/2019 03:19:17 ::: 905-WP4883-19.DOCallowed to travel on many occasions.
5. Learned counsel for respondent No.2 expressedapprehension that the petitioner may abscond. Learnedcounsel for respondent No.2, however, does not dispute thatthe petitioner was earlier allowed to travel abroad in thefactual position of the crime mentioned above.
6. In the light of above, we permit the petitioner to visitDammam, Saudi Arabia between the period from 12 th October,2019 and 18th October, 2019, especially when the petitionerhas roots in Mumbai, on following conditions: (i) The petitioner shall submit the itinerary of his travel to the Ofce of respondent No.2 within a period of one week from today. (ii) The petitioner shall furnish the address where he will be staying during his stay in Saudi Arabia as well as contact number to respondent No.2. (iii) The petitioner shall return to India on or before 18th October, 2019.
7. Respondent no.2-CBI shall inform all concerned includingthe Immigration Department about the present order.
8. The writ petition is disposed of in above terms.
9. All concerned to act on an authenticated copy of thisorder.
[N. J. JAMADAR, J.] [RANJIT MORE, J.] 2/2 ::: Uploaded on – 11/10/2019 ::: Downloaded on – 12/10/2019 03:19:17 :::

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