The State Of Mah.Thr.Pso Amravati vs Naresh @ Narendra Vishnuji Raut … on 25 May, 2018

1] Heard Ms. N.P. Mehta, APP for the appellant/State and Shri P.S.

Khubalkar, Advocate for the respondents/accused.

2] The appellant/State of Maharashtra has filed this appeal to

challenge the judgment passed by the learned Ad-hoc Assistant Sessions

Judge acquitting the respondents/accused of the charge of the offences

punishable under Section 498A, Section 306 read with Section 34 of the

Indian Penal Code.

3] The case of the prosecution is:-

The marriage between the respondent/accused no. 1 and

Rukhma (deceased) was solemnized on 13/04/2002. On 09/05/2002, she

had been to village Ekdara, her native town to attend marriage in the family

of one Haribhau Chaudhari. Rukhma had met her mother at the place where

function of marriage took place and that time, Rukhma told her mother that

the respondents/accused were ill-treating her on trifle matters and she was

beaten by the respondents/accused. On 12/05/2002, Rukhma consumed

poisonous substance and committed suicide. On 13/05/2002, Pundlikrao

Natthuji Gudadhe (father of Rukhma) lodged complaint at Police Station,

Morshi alleging that Rukhma committed suicide due to ill-treatment and

cruelty meted out to her by all the respondents/accused.

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